Build a Business That Sets You Free

FPE Business school  Everything you need to turn a business idea into
YOUR new reality

You don’t need to stay in a job where you feel stuck or trapped. 
So much more is available for your career:


FPE Business School is for women physicians who are ready to:

The data is clear - women physicians experience higher burnout rates, receive less pay than males with equal training/experience, and have more demands on their time without flexibility in their schedule.

Become the CEO of your career and life – build a business that serves people in a powerful way, and allows you to focus on what’s important to you.

FPE Business School Membership includes:

·  A private supportive community to help you thrive

·  Accountability Partners to help you stay on track

·  Classes to build your mindset and strategy

·  Group Business Coaching

·  Blueprints and resources for each aspect of building a business

Your Leadership Guide

Sharon McLaughlin, MD, is a plastic surgeon who’s created a private practice, transitioned out of clinical medicine into a non clinical career, and formed Female Physician Entrepreneur to help empower other women physicians to build a business faster. 

She created the FPE Business School because she saw a need for women physicians to learn about business so that they could advocate for themselves. "All too often, we take what we are given but we are not business savvy enough to know any better.

My goal is to change this and equal out the playing field." 


Support for every aspect of building your business is waiting for you.
You as CEO:
Overcoming obstacles & common mindset blocks
Telling the Story of Your Business
Business Basics:
Contract Review
Customer Relations tools
Product creation
Creating Demand
Lead Generators, Webinars
Paid advertising
Amplifying Your Voice and Reach
Paid Speaking Engagements
Course creation
Growing Your Business

Personal Wellbeing


How Long is your program?

Access to the Vault is valid for one year. 
Starting September 2023, the Business Schools is 9 weeks of live sessions. 

Executive Coaching program is purchased per session.
When will the sessions take place?

Sessions will take place Thursday at 8:00 P.M. EST. 
Who is this program for?
Any woman physician who wants to start or grow her business.  This program will provide the foundation for a successful and sustainable business.
How long ar your sessions?

Minimum one hour. 
How are the weekly sessions structured?

We will have a masterclass with Q and A-There will be more of these intially until there is a foundation in business.
We will have stategy sessions with breakout rooms-2-3 times a month. 
Is there one to one coaching?

This is a group coaching and community building program There is time for members to ask for help/coaching during sessions and in our private Business School Facebook community.

For private coaching (one-on-one coaching) I recommend talking with speakers about the services they offer outside of this program.. 
How will members communicate in the Business School Community. 

Members can communicate during Zoom sessions and in our private Business School Facebook community
Do you offer CME
Who is this program not for

Learn to overcome self doubt With Dr Sogol

September 29th, 2022 @8:00PM EST

Self doubt is #1 enemy of growth
Learn: Why we have so much self doubt
What to do with your self doubt
How to befriend your self doubt to work with you, not against you

About Sogol

At the age of 40 I checked off all the boxes on my “to do list.”
I reached financial, professional, and personal “freedom.”
Yet I carried a chronic, overwhelming feeling of fatigue, stress, and anxiety. I questioned and pursued every medical diagnosis with no answers.
My disease: Giving & Doing.
I gave to others and did for others at the expense of myself. 
Emotionally exhausted and disconnected, I set on a self-discovery journey to find MENTAL AND EMOTIONAL FREEDOM.
Through mindful practices and coaching, I learned to  take back full responsibility of my life by reclaiming my power and committing to myself.
"FPE Business school has been an amazing place for me to continue to learn and grow as a small business owner. As a new entrepreneur, I felt supported and guided through the early beginning stages of growing a business. I value the guest lecturers who have given amazing informational talks about different topics. Mainly, I get value from the community, the accountability and the collaboration. The value comes from sharing/pooling our resources, referring vetted services, being accountable not only to each other but to Dr. Sharon McLaughlin who pushes us to do better and leaves no person behind. Thank you Sharon for setting up this amazing space where everyone helps lift each other up!"

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